A capsule is basically medicine in a small container which solves the ailment rapidly. It holds inside it magic, medicine, cure, answers! Here is a collection of tiny capsules from instances of my life where I learned or experienced something I want to treasure for life and revisit anytime. 


Sell more than just the product.

Selling is a noble profession.
Enterprise Session
7th May, 2021

I do truly feel like I am the best version of myself. This is something no one is telling me, but it is coming from within.

Whenever I feel weak and want to give up, I listen to Brave by Sara Bareilles. It reminds me how I felt unbeatable and the amount of self believe I had when I was 15. In college, I decided to not just adjust but to become something. On difficult days I would sing along on the top of my lungs on my drive home from college in the evenings. The song reminded me that I can do everything, face my fears, jump over my hurdles and find a way out, and truly show my potential! 

2100 Word Challenge
11th April, 2021

The future belongs to people who give up on giving up. The future belongs to people who can learn from failure
The future belongs to people who can tell themselves the right story, the powerful story, the story that fills them up with energy.
My story: This is a part of a bigger picture. I need to do this well to get there
You see a gap, or a problem and realise there is no current solution or the available solutions are inadequate. When you give in all you have to make a better and sustainable solution, you are innovating!
25th March, 2021
The first person who joins the initiator is not a follower but is the reason why the leadership holds and can sustain itself! An added bonus is seeing so many people just dance and enjoy themselves without realising the lesson they are portraying!
A leader needs to be courageous and fearless to start something new. But as the narration of the video says, "if the leader is a flint, the first follower is the spark that makes the fire"
The smartest people do not solve problems People who stick to a problem for the longest time are those who can solve a problem.
It isn't sufficient to know, learn, or see, the real fun begins when we implement and experiment with what we know!
20th September, 2020
It is important as a host to make everyone on the call or in the room feel welcome and warm. I can do that by mentioning them in an example, asking them to share something.
20th December, 2020