My Story

I think a one page CV or resume will share my accomplishments with you, not tell you who I am. Thus I present to you My Story : The Real Me ✨

& Exposure

Projects and Experiences

Dean's Office CSUF

As an analyst for the Dean’s Office at College of Business and Economics at Cal State Fullerton, my role primarily involves working with the Faculty Administration Software. I work on creating, analysing and generating reports that are used in critical decision making and for the university’s accreditation with AACSB. is not just a Health and Wellness startup, it was a vision to bring together the best of the world of ancient Indian Ayurveda with modern technology. The goal was to make being healthy, easier!

I joined the team as an intern and soon was promoted to the Head of Marketing and Communications as a Founding Member  It was a very small team and we worked beyond our titles or role descriptions. The best way to describe life building a startup is : we learnt everyday and found solutions to new roadblocks everyday. 

I spearheaded the technical development and communication strategies which included developing the website on Shopify (using APIs), drawing insights from the data generated everyday, allocating ad budgets and running campaigns on Meta. My role also involved handling the marketplaces the products were listed at like Google Market Place, Amazon, and Flipkart.

Indian Electricals

A project to create content in the form of blogs for a business’ new website. It involves frequent interviews with all the employees and senior management and partners. It required a fair amount of research into the electrical and lighting industry in India to become familiar with the terms used by the client and their team. 

Gamification Capsule

The fellowship (client) works with live projects and a credit system based on one’s body of work. We studied the customer (partner) journey map, noticed the highs and lows in feelings and energies of the partners. With this information, we proposed the client to strategically place merchandise items to keep a steady energy graph. This project also involved significant research of fabrics, embroidery processes, sustainability in the fashion industry and product designing. We also contacted multuple vendors to get quotations and product descriptions  to create options for client merchandise


Conflexion is a conflux of content and reflection.  After completing a process about 8 times, I am certain that self reflection creates knowledge and as a result, I have 9 blogs and one podcast published. I have learned it is okay to become vulnerable and put myself out there. I have learned that my biggest fear of feedback and judgement is actually an imaginary line in my head. I have learned that adding details in all forms to the blog and presentation makes a huge difference to the final product. 

#करो 4.0

#करो is a mindset, a mindset to not just watch or learn but to do! While working in the team for #करो 4.0 we wanted to give India Innovation ka Injection! We have conducted various rounds of ideation, modeling, prototyping, client + expert feedback in a loop. 

#करो Kickstart

The difference between when I learn something and when I help someone learn and implement it is very vast. Kickstart is the first project new partners at the fellowship work on. I got a chance to work with the new cahoot for their first project in a leadership and support role. While it was fun to work with new energies, the challenge I had to overcome is not to do the tasks. My role revolved around delegating and check the deadlines, I had to really resist from myself from finishing the task myself. 


Regen is an annual community wide networking evening and I joined the planning team in hopes to learn something new. My prior experience in corporate connections was enhanced here when I was the point of contact for all the Thinking Partners for the evening. Interacting and coordinating with them taught me a great deal of professionalism and inspiration

Peer Led Session

When we explain a concept to a friend before an exam, we seem to make our concepts stronger. With the same session, my peers and I co-hosted a Peer Led Session on Overthinking – why it happens and what we can do to reduce it. This project required a fair deal of digging deep into our lives and thoughts and vulnerability to do the same. Once we identified our problem statement, the next challenge was to implement it before we could preach it to members of our community in a 3 hour session. 

Beyond College

Beyond College celebrated the fire in the stomachs of youth to do more, more than just out academics. We planned a networking event where we got 24 purpose driven youth together to share their experiences of going beyond college. Although this event was for the fellowship community, we invited 4 guest participants from across the globe to share their experiences with us

#करो 3.0

Your. Action. Hour.   7 Sundays with 7 Mavericks from various fields. #Karo was a 2 month long virtual ‘mela’ with one single motto: DO or Karo. In these 2 months I learned from multiple different roles the most prominent being workshop coordinator. I hosted sessions, interacted with new people, co-created hosting scripts, event structure management with the finest detail.  

LEAP - Dharohar

Dharohar is a company based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. They  run structured volunteering programmes for local businesses so their employees can develop key professional skills whilst helping young people develop the skills and mindsets they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. As a part of the leap team, we had to understand the company and its values, do user research for them via interviews of their volunteers and create a persona. This persona would then be kept in mind while creating content for Dharohar’s social media accounts. 

Fever of Treasure

Created in the middle of a global pandemic, Fever of Treasure was a fun online treasure hunt game that could be personalised for a client as per their requirements. Here we worked closely with the client, NewsShuttle to understand their audience and paid attention to smaller details to add more value to our client’s brand. 

#Start 2.0

#Start was a 2.5 day workshop intended to help its participants get ‘unstuck’ and identify their core conflict. Working on the team, I was introduced to the importance of UX and how it can change the whole experience. We also created a sales pipeline and PAISA pitch for each prospect.

Beyond College

Academia and more

Pune Startup Fest

Pune Startup Fest (PSF) in my words is an entrepreneurship conclave for the startup and innovator ecosystem in Pune. It is a platform bringing together 

  • Multiple startups in a Startup Expo across college campus,
  • Investors interested in investing and mentoring these startups
  • Students who can intern at these startups in domains of their choice
  • The public of Pune as potential clientele and
  •  Interesting Keynotes and Panel discussions to educate the audience.

All over 2 days at one location. PSF is one of the events organised by Bhau’s E-Cell COEP. In my second year, I contributed towards the first edition of PSF by contacting and closing deals with participating startups. 

As the Secretary of E-Cell, my responsibilities were extended to PSF which now was expecting a pan-Maharashtra audience. The entire team of E-Cell worked on the event with the core team handling multiple portfolios. My written responsibilities were very few but everything was my responsibility. As a result, I got to interact and understand a lot of roles in event management which I traditionally would not have tried. The vendor quotation and selection process, contacting media houses, infrastructure tenders and work flow, interacting with alumni, keynote speaker management and large scale sponsorship and fund raising. 

The main highlight in the 3 months of work for me was understanding and implementing a system of workflow.  

Bhau's E-Cell

The word ‘entrepreneur’ has always been fascinating to me, right from the spelling to its meaning. This led me into joining Bhau’s Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) in the first week of college itself. 

 Hearing about new startups each week, doing case studies on failed startups, mock investing in startup stocks, participating in BPlan competitions and pitching to Investor Judges, we did it all. The exposure and knowledge I received here was unparalleled. I actively took up responsibility, suggested my ideas and rose to occasions as required during my first and second years. I learned the significance of innovators and entrepreneurs in our country’s ecosystem and economy. 

In my third year, I became the Secretary of the E-Cell which was a club under the college gymkhana. I had a core team of 15, and together we conducted multiple activities and competitions throughput the year for 150 interested student members.  

As the Secretary, I was often pushed outside my comfort zone, situated to take speedy decisions and always be on my toes. It tested everything, my values, my discipline, my commitment, my integrity, my attitude at multiple instances. More often that not, I started becoming aware of my shortcomings and weaknesses, I had to process and proceed on converting them into my strengths. 

It certainly was a roller coaster experience which taught me something new everyday and has played am important role in making me who I am today.

Toloroid, Cairo

After completing my Second Year in Engineering, as a part of a student exchange program with AIESEC, I interned at a startup Toloroid in Cairo, Egypt for 45 days. The company worked in the field of revolutionising event photography using cloud computing and I reported directly to the CEO as a Web Application Development Intern. The internship allowed us a 2 week learning period followed by implementation. The job also allowed us to travel the country and get introduced to Egyptian Culture.

CSI COEP - Student Capter

As the Head of Events and Operations for a year at the Computer Society of India, COEP Student Chapter my main responsibilities entailed Event Organisation and Management. 

This was my first experience in the role of responsibility and it taught me the need for an eye for details. This role laid a foundation for me to handle a position of responsibility  which did come useful in the near future.


I can attest to the statement, “sports teaches invaluable lessons” but by adding – both on and off the field. My first introduction to college events was with Zest our college’s annual sports meet. I joined the organising team to work on Finance (Sponsorship) and Marketting and got to learn much more. 

I learned problem solving. Identify the problem, understand its significance, scale and impact, isolate it, identify possible solutions, apply solution for immediate relief and then create a system to manage the problem better.

I also learned the importance of maintaining and nurturing healthy corporate relations.

Public Speaking

I do not recall ever having stage fear and I thank my stars for it everyday. Public speaking, engaging in conversation always comes easy to me and has helped me attract opportunities in the same field.

In 2015, I registered as a speaker at Keep Moving Movement (KMM) – an initiative dedicated to building a “Culture of Inspiration” amongst the teaching and student community. The voluntary movement provides training and arranges it’s trained volunteers to visit a class of students in the 10th grade with non academic content. The purpose of these visits is to enable the students to be prepared to face the world after completing their boards. Simple topics like gratitude, disciplined consistent improvement, value addition are discussed in class in a story telling – engaging format. 

Given my experience with public speaking, I was selected to be a student speaker and share my story at Em-Bodhi, an event organised by TedxCOEP in 2019.  As a result, I did get a chance to host multiple events at my college and be a part of multiple networking and informational events like FOSSMeet COEP and ACM Conferences. 


While growing up, I was an adequately active child although I did not stick to a single sport throughout I did learn basketball, won multiple skating races and participated in Summer competitions in the summer break. In the more recent years, I couple of my experiences in the field are

  •  Triathlon in 2016 which consisted of : 500m swim, 11km cycling and 21km marathon and I secured the 9th position in the women’s race.
  • Earned the Black Belt in Shorinjiryu Kenryukan Karate in 2017 after training for over six years.
  • Represented my Junior College in sports meets for volleyball and football in 11th and 12th respectively
Inside the


California State University Fullerton

I decided to do my Masters degree in a field where I could bring together my strong inclination in business ideas with my technical knowledge. The Masters in Information Systems degree offered at California State University Fullerton offered the best curriculum to help me learn and skill up. 

Over a span of 18 months, I have built my business foundation skills, learnt to play with databases using SQL and finally, preprocess, process and draw conclusions. 

I particularly appreciated the courses for not only covering the technical aspects of processing data, but also the added angle of taking business decisions based on the information available.

Enterprise India Fellowship

Enterprise India Fellowship is a 12-month part-time practical and conceptual training program of students interested in business and entrepreneurship. It focuses on enabling participants with 21st Century skills which are crucial in today’s competitive world. 

As a partner at Enterprise, I have been working on multiple live projects, getting mentored in the process and applied theory concepts to practical experiences. 

College of Engineering Pune

College of Engineering Pune (COEP) is one of the most prestigious institutes for Engineering and is an autonomous institute of the Government of Maharashtra. I am admitted into the institute to study Information Technology from the Department of Computer Engineering and IT. The former institutes I was a part of had inculcated and developed two major aspects in me. One was problem-solving which is why I enjoyed coding and thus chose my courses and subjects around it. The second was trying new things outside the classroom. I believe, COEP gave me a platform to experiment as much as I like, both with academics as well as with extra-curricular.  

In the Minors Certification Program, I am pursuing a minor in Finance where we have covered various topics like understanding statistics, fundamentals of business, significance of financial statements, structure of financial markets and institutions and much more. 

The design of the curriculum permits us to choose some of our courses in fields of our interests inside and outside our specialisation. This introduced me to world of embedded systems, cyber security, robotics, film making, corporate culture, entrepreneurship and computer aided design. 

Outside the classrooms, I always participated in multiple activities and actively took up responsibilities there. 

DAV Public School

Dayanand Anglo-Vedic Education Society was established in 1886 in memory of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, is a non-governmental education organisation with over 900 institutes. I enrolled into DAV Aundh for 11th and 12th for a CBSE course in Science with Information Practices (IP) with maths and science. This school was a little different from my previous institute on many fronts. We prayed every morning and performed weekly yagya (havan).  In the junior college, due to the limited number of students, the exposure and attention we received was tremendous. I got a chance to represent the school on three occasions and each one of them taught me something new.

  • Std. 11th – Volleyball Girls Team in the Inter-DAV Sports Meet in Mumbai
  • Std. 12th – Football Girls Team in the Inter-DAV Sports Meet in Mumbai
  • Std. 12th – Science Meet for the Western Region where I presented a working model to collect water from humid air
I also enjoyed participating in activities within the institute like the dance group, organising events, plays, and hosting (anchoring) events. The highlight of the 2 years in DAV were IP lessons. Although I was familiar with Java already, we dived deeper into multiple aspects of the language as well as created my first Mini Project in Java – a Memory game, a quiz and a find the differences game with the levels each. The idea behind the project was to integrate our database knowledge with our Java Principles . This project was inspired by game I saw my sister play on the internet once.

St. Mary's School Pune

St. Mary’s School, is located in the heart of Pune City, is affiliated with the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and is widely known for the all-around development of a student. During my 10 years of schooling from Std. 1 to 10th, the school helped me develop a strong foundation academically as well as exposed me to multiple extracurricular activities. I developed a special interest in Biology and Geography via the school curriculum. Another favourite subject was IT where we were introduced to the basics of coding in Java using BlueJ.
The School had an array of events every year and I fondly remember participating in plays, choirs, and socially useful productive work and community service (SUPW).  

2005 – 2015

ICSE – 95%